3-24 This Week On The Farm

By admin|March 24, 2010|Information

Well, there’s good news on the Madison delivery front! We’ve found a location that should work well. Those of you who have already signed up for the Madison drop-off will be receiving an email from us to inform you of the location. It is downtown, fairly close to campus, on W. Main St.  Our delivery times and locations are now posted to the Delivery page on the website.

There are a few new things that we’ve seeded this week. Celeriac is the only vegetable that’s new this week, but we’ve planted some more flowers too. The dianthus we planted a few weeks ago have two sets of true leaves, the parsley is beginning to leaf out too.

The cabbage-family crops are up and doing well too. Most things germinated very well. The two flats of cauliflower are a bit confusing though, all the seed was from the same source, but one flat germinated above 90%, and one is probably around 20%. We may end up buying some more cauliflower seed. We think the problem was the flats’ relative location in the germination boxes, one was probably cooler than the other. No worries though! If we don’t get that second flat, we’ll put in some more!

Well, I guess that’s about all for now. If you’re in the Rio area, be sure to check out our new ad in the Rio Shopper. There are still shares available, so get those sign-up forms in!

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