5/4-This Week on the Farm

By admin|May 4, 2010|Information

Another busy week here on the farm. This week really marks the start of seeding directly into the ground. The first round of lettuce seed, rutabaga, a second planting of sweetcorn, and several other crops including beets, peas, and chard were planted outside this week.

                                                            We are hoping to get the fencing up soon so that the bunnies and other animals don’t eat the seedlings. We plan on using a 5-wire electric fence to keep the critters out, and installing it is going to be a lot of work, so we are hoping for a couple of volunteers to help out. With 2-3 extra people we can hopefully get the job done in a morning. Lunch will be provided. If you are interested e-mail Tyler, first come first served.

The asparagus that we planted a couple weeks ago is up. We are going to start mounding soil up around each of the plants to help with root development. Potatoes and peas are also poking their heads out. The strawberry plants we put in this year are doing well, they have started to blossom, so that gives us another activity: to pluck each and every one of them off so that our plants set runners and spread faster for a larger crop in the coming years.

We have planted our herbs for this year in the greenhouse so we’re hoping to add some zest to your boxes. The hoop-house is getting fuller with peppers and eggplant and the like being put out there to make room in the greenhouse. This week should see some of those crops in the hoop-house being transplanted to the garden, like cabbage and onions.

We hope to have our irrigation system set up here pretty soon as well. We just purchased a 1500-gallon water reserve tank to use so that we can water a larger area at one time. (It was really interesting hauling that tank home in a rainstorm…)

That’s about all I can remember of what’s been going on here on the farm, but there was one other special event this last weekend, the Rowe family’s annual cattle move! We barged cattle accross the Fox River to an island for some summer grazing. Check it out from the Wisconsin State Journal and WISC-TV, who both covered us this year.

There are still some shares available for this year, so if you are still procrastinating hurry up and get those forms in to us!

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