This Week on the Farm 10/21

By admin|October 20, 2010|Information

The weather has been getting colder. Last Thursday was rough on our helpers because the washing water was so cold and the wind was strong enough to break one of our tents. We are moving our washing station indoors (or at least slightly indoors) into the garage. Don set up a heater and is going to hook up a hose supplying hot water. This should help keep our workers happy.

Most of the week has been spent doing clean up work in the fields and planting a cover crop in areas where we have pulled plants from the fields. We had to set up our irrigation system again in order to get water to the fields in order to jump start germination of the seeds. The weather has been surprisingly dry the last couple of weeks and since we are on sand, we need to irrigate.

The covers have been working well to prevent frost damage on the lettuce and other leafy greens. We are crossing our fingers that there isn’t a super hard frost before Oct. 28th so that we can have lettuce in the last box.

It is getting to the end of the season and we are all exhausted. We have been working hard since mid-March and our bodies are starting to feel it. There is still a lot to do in the fields before our season is over and this is why we are asking for help.

On Saturday October 30 we are going to hold a volunteer session on the farm from 9AM-12N. Projects include cleaning up plant debris and working on clearing the fence line to get the field ready for winter. If we get a lot of help to finish up these projects, Tyler and I can focus on other jobs around the farm that need to be done before winter sets in. We realize that it is the day before Halloween so some of you may not be able to make it, but if you can make it that would be awesome!!

We will provide warm drinks and snacks for those of you who decide to help out. This is a great opportunity to get to know other members and for us to get to know you. Let me know by Friday the 29th if you can make it ( or 920-992-3643).

This is the last delivery for some of our every other week shares. We would like to thank everyone who signed up for a share this year! It was a great season and we hope that you will sign up again with us next year. Look for an e-mail, or a letter in the mail if you don’t receive e-mail, in early to mid-February with information about next season’s shares!

We are planning on increasing the number of shares offered next season, so if you have any friends, family, or co-workers who are interested in becoming a member, have them send us an e-mail so we can get them on our mailing list.

We are also planning on continuing  our weekly “This Week on the Farm” update on our website, so please visit our website from time to time to check up on what is happening on the farm.

Next week is our last box! We ask that on your last pick up day that you bring some bags to transfer your produce into so that we may keep the blue totes for next year’s use.

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