This Week on the Farm 11/5

By admin|November 5, 2010|Information

It has been another full week here on the farm. We have finished cleaning up all of the tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, and eggplant fruit and dead plants from the field. All of the cucurbit vines have also been pulled and are waiting to be moved to the compost pile. We would like to thank my parents, Bruce & Eileen, Tyler’s parents, Don & Kay, and Brady Anderson and his family for coming out last Saturday and helping us out. It was a lot more enjoyable working on that project with our nice helpers.

Don and Tyler are currently trying to replace a break line on one of the trucks. They make a cute pair working on the truck together. Once they finish that we can get all of the non-compostable waste, such as old tomatoes that might contain bacterial spot, out of the gardens.

The cold weather seems to have finally arrived. This means extra layers (think the surepuff giant from Ghostbusters) and less dexterity since I have to wear large enough work gloves to fit other warmer gloves underneath, but at least I am warm. I’m working on getting all of the irrigation equipment out of the field before tonight; it is supposed to get down to 25 degrees tonight, so we don’t want to ruin any of the hoses or the pump’s engine. It is amazing how many hoses we actually used this season to run all of our sprinklers.

Our storage shares looked beautiful on Thursday. Each share contained the following:10 lbs white potatoes, 10 lbs red potatoes, 6 lbs sweet potatoes, 4 lbs parsnips, 4 lbs carrots, 3 lbs turnips, 4 lbs rutabagas, and six full stems of brussels sprouts. Thanks to those of you who ordered shares!

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