This Week on the Farm 3/2

By admin|March 2, 2012|Information

Meteorologically spring has officially started. You could tell that the season is changing a couple of days ago when the spring out back opened up. Each spring for a couple of days we have running water out in back. It is very pretty and Wash thinks the water tastes really great. Sadly, the running water doesn’t mean winter is over yet. We are supposed to get 4-6 inches of snow tonight, which means we have a bunch of work to do before this evening.

Tomorrow is our big greenhouse build and we need to finish clearing the cement pad by the end of the day. There are still a couple of areas with semi-frozen manure that we need to clear and then we are going to cover the whole thing in a tarp to keep the rain/snow off of the build site.

Thankfully we were able to get most of the trees downed and the old building down last weekend with Tyler’s brother’s help. They were like machines and thankfully no one got injured. The rest of the week we have been clearing more box elders and other debris from the area. We have a really nice pile of box elder logs that will be ready to burn next fall. Too bad they burn as fast as paper!

The onions and scallions are looking good. Monday we planted leeks and celery seeds. Celery is the only plant that we seed and then have to transplant into larger pots. We are planting it several weeks earlier this year in the hopes that we will have larger plants. Later today I plan on planting parsley. We are still planning on having herb packs with the first box and hopefully we will have enough herbs to plant in our garden. We would really like to have herbs in later boxes as well.

Stay tuned this next week for photos of the greenhouse build and for photos of the onions!

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