This Week on the Farm 3/2

By admin|March 2, 2014|Information

It is the 2nd of March and it doesn’t feel like winter is going to ever break its frigid grasp on the farm. Despite the single digit temperatures we have managed to get some outside work done this past week. One of the important jobs we have been working on has been to haul wood so that we can heat the house. The price of LP still has not fallen, so Tyler and I have been very careful not to burn too much gas while heating the house or washing dishes/clothes. I am really looking forward to some warmer temperatures.

IMG_6341Tyler and his brother have been busy at work in the downstairs of the west barn where we are setting up our new washing and packing area. Between last weekend and this weekend they finished framing out the two west windows and removed the old windows that were upstairs and falling out of their frames. They also added flashing and resided the area where the windows were upstairs. Although this will let in less light upstairs, it will help keep that area dry.

They also hung the track for the large sliding door and built and installed the sliding door (The photo at the top of this post as seen from the inside). Now they have to build the smaller pass through door and finish siding the area around the windows and then the whole basement will be enclosed. We are hoping that the area will be enclosed by the end of the week.

IMG_6344Tyler is busing repairing the door on the main greenhouse so that we can start moving the flats of scallions that have germinated into the house. Since this past Monday we have seeded two types of scallions, three types of bulb onions, three types of leeks, and celery. Our germination chamber is working really well. So far we have had much faster germination that in previous years. We did have to go to Sears and buy a different space heater though. Initially we had purchased a space heater that had a fan on it, but the hot air dried out the flats that were near it. We purchased a second one that looks more like a radiator. It is a completely enclosed system and shouldn’t have a drying effect. I will be utilizing the first space heater in our little office. I hopefully will not have to wear mittens while typing with the heater going!

This past Wednesday Tyler and I presented at the UW Horticulture Society meeting. We talked about the different things you need to do in order to start a business (like get a Federal Employee Identification Number, registering a business name, etc.). When we were in college we were both members of this club, so it was very cool to go back and present again. It was in the same room as when we were students and we had that feeling of nothing has changed, but at the same time everything has changed. I can’t believe it has been six years since we graduated! I would really like to thank Dr. Jull (our old advisor!) for holding onto Devin while we presented.

This upcoming week should be busy between hauling more wood, seeding more crops, getting the greenhouse up and running, and a workshop at one of our fellow FRESH farms. Spring should be around the corner, so if you haven’t gotten your sign-up form in yet, make sure you get that in the mail soon!

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