This Week on the Farm 3/2

By admin|March 2, 2011|Information

The first planting of scallions are up and are growing nicely. We are still waiting on last week’s scallion planting to germinate. They have been in the house where the humidity is a lot lower. I am planning on moving the trays down to the greenhouse today and hopefully the higher humidity and temperatures will speed germination. Our germination boxes are going to be full once I move those trays down to the greenhouse.

Later today I am going to plant the last planting of scallions and our first and only planting of parsley. I haven’t totally figured out where I am going to put them! I have a feeling we are going to run out of room in the greenhouse pretty quickly now that we are planting double or triple the amount of seed compared to last year. Tyler and I agree that we will probably need to expand the greenhouse this year in order to have room.

Earlier this week we started bending pipes to make the hoops for our new high tunnel. The bender we purchased was meant to bend a larger diameter pipe so we had to adjust the bender to fit the metal conduit that we are going to use. Once the weather warms up a little bit more so we don’t freeze our fingers, we will finish bending all of the conduit.

I spent part of Monday installing a homemade shade cloth system. There are still a few areas that need improvement to keep things in place, but overall I am very happy with it. This will allow us to keep more heat in the greenhouse at night and hopefully keep the greenhouse cooler during the summer months.

I can tell spring will be here soon. The days are getting noticeably longer, the sun seems like it is getting warmer, and Tyler’s parents are back from their monthlong trip to Florida. I just keep thinking warm thoughts to get me through the rest of the cold weather!

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