This Week on the Farm 4/28

By admin|April 29, 2011|Information

Brief update this week since there isn’t much to report and it is sunny out today so we have to make up for lost time…

Monday was beautiful and productive since the sun was shining. Tyler and I were able to get out into the fields and flag off the area where the potatoes and onions are going to be planted. The flagging process was pretty funny, trying to yell accross the entire field to tell each other information. As a result, we bought a couple two-way radios so we don’t lose our voices. Sweet!

Last year Don did all of the plowing and cultivation, but this year he taught Tyler how to use the plow. So Monday afternoon, Tyler plowed the flagged off area. If it ever dries out a little bit we will be able to get in to transplant the onions, leeks, scallions, and plant the potatoes.

The rest of the week the weather was rainy and cold. We worked on more equipment and that was pretty much all we were able to do. Pray for sun and warm temperatures so we can get out and plant some veggies!

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