This Week on the Farm 6/18

By admin|June 18, 2013|Information

Well it is the first week of delivery for 2013! We are so excited for the season to finally be underway. Thank you all for being so understanding of the weather and the fact that we had to postpone the first delivery by one week. We know that this can lead to a lot of confusion, so thank you to everyone who emailed and called with their questions. Please, do not hesitate to contact us at any point in the season if you have questions!

Since we live in Wisconsin, the first couple of CSA boxes are always lighter and smaller than those you get later in the season. All of the early season vegetables are less bulky than zucchinis, tomatoes, and winter squashes, so the totes do seem lighter by comparison. The growing season has only just begun, so many crops have not had enough heat or enough days at the right light levels to be ready to harvest. Those first boxes of greens always taste the sweetest to me after a long cold winter of store bought, vacuum packed, limp greens.

Each season we provide our members with an herb pack. This herb pack not only provides you with herbs throughout the season, but it also is a value of around $22 when compared to conventional herbs offered at garden centers. Check out the attached sheet for care information.

It has been quite a different spring than any of the other growing seasons we have experienced since we started farming, especially when compared to last year’s drought. We have had a lot of rain! So much so that at times it has been difficult to get into the fields to work. Thankfully there are always a ton of projects around the farm to keep us busy even in wet weather. Still, the wet weather means that there are certain crops that need our attention very soon. It is the middle of June, so the battle against weeds has begun.

IMG_5217We are very lucky to have an excellent crew of workers, volunteers, and workshare members that help us out during the week. We could not do the work that we are doing without all of their help, so I wanted to make sure that they got the credit they deserve right away! They help us with everything from weeding, fertilizing, setting out beneficial insects, cleaning out greenhouses, and seeding, to harvesting, washing, and packing your vegetables.

We are looking forward to a great season and hope that you are too! If you get a chance to come out to the farm to visit this summer or fall, please do! We love having visitors!

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