6/14 This Week On the Farm

By admin|June 14, 2010|Information

The big week is here! The first boxes go out for delivery this Thursday the 17th! Members should have already received an email or a phone call giving details of the pick up time and location. Again, if there are any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Things have been really busy here in the last week, we’ve been finishing up the delivery totes, weeding, testing some things, weeding, putting row covers over our cabbage field, weeding, and we got a DOG!!

The most interesting thing first this week, our new puppy. His name is Wash and he is an 8-month old black lab/blue heeler mix. He is all black with a patch of white on his chest. He is really people friendly and happy. We adopted him from a family in Little Chute, who received him as a gift, but they could not keep him. So, the next time you come out to the farm Wash will probably meet you when you drive in!

The crops are all doing well. We keep weeding (Thanks Eileen, Don & Kay!) and we continue to manually pick Colorado Potato Beetle larvae off our potato plants, they’re relentless but so are we.


In other pest news, last night (Sunday) we saw our first pests of our cabbage crops… Imported Cabbage Worm moths. They haven’t done any damage yet, we only saw five and the moths don’t do the damage, their caterpillars do. So in order to keep our crop presentable we called upon some help.

Greg, Molly, Drew, and Kelly came out to help us quickly till the weeds in the cabbage field and then install floating row covers to protect the plants. The moths can’t get through the mesh and thus can’t lay eggs. No eggs means no caterpillars which means less damage to the crop. Our help was glad to be paid in radishes and spinach. 🙂

Our re-seeded tomato plants are ready to be planted this week, we hope to have time (and favorable weather) in the next couple of days to get those in. Other than those tomatoes, all of our plants are in the ground.

Now to the boxes that are going out this week. We plan to start harvesting Wednesday late afternoon of some things, but most veggies in this box are greens so those have to wait until morning to have them as fresh as possible for you. All the vegetables will be rinsed once before they are packed, but we recommend to wash them again when you get them home to remove the sand and grit that may be on them.

There is now a separate string of posts that will appear in the “From The Farm” box, these will list what we are planning on putting in the boxes for that week. The list is put up on the web before we fill the boxes, so it may not always be completely accurate, but it should provide you with some advance knowledge of what’s coming in the upcoming box.

That’s about all, we can’t wait to meet you all and we hope that our delivery goes off without a hitch!

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