6/4 This Week(s) On The Farm

By admin|June 4, 2010|Information

Well, it’s been almost three weeks since our last update and a lot has gone on here at Burr Oak Gardens! First, an update on the bacterial leaf spot in the tomato and tomatillo crops. We destroyed our original tomato crop due to the fact that every single plug had the disease, but by removing the infected tomatillo plants as soon as they showed symptoms, and by applying copper sulphate (an organic protectant) we were able to save our tomatillo crop. The tomatillos are now in the garden and growing well. As for tomatoes, we gave the new seed a hot water treatment and have been applying copper sulphate to prevent the bacteria from infecting the new seedlings, at least until they get into the garden. They are probably one to two weeks away from being set out. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Most of our other crops are out in the field and growing fast. The weather has been warm and sunny, with occasional rains in the afternoon or overnight. But, if the weather is good for our crops… its also good for the weeds! So far we’re keeping up pretty well, but weeders are always welcome! Feel free to come out and join us in the garden!

Of all the crops we grow, it seems that potatoes are one of the most susceptible to insects and disease. This year we are currently battling two insect pests on our potato crop, Colorado Potato Beetle and Potato Flea Beetle. We’ve been able to stay ahead of the CPB by simply hand-picking the adults, eggs, and larvae from the plants, and we’re putting out yellow sticky traps to help with the flea beetles. The flea beetles don’t cause a lot of damage, but every hole they make is a possible entrance for disease. But because these pests are under control at the moment, our potatoes are growing large and are already starting to flower.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Some other projects we’ve undertaken include the new electric fence that is almost completed. Special thanks to Kate’s family for coming down from Appleton to help us get the vast majority of the work done. Also we’ve purchased a new irrigation pump so that we don’t have to use a borrowed one from our neighbor any more. Thanks to Dan and Berryhill Farm for the use of your pump for these few months!

Kate has planted some flowers around the garden, and they look beautiful! Also, we’re in the process of planning an event here at the farm scheduled for a Saturday in mid-to-late July, tentatively July 17th with a rain date of July 24th. So plan on that if you would like to attend, more details will follow in the coming weeks.

The biggest news that we have, we’ve saved for last, as you may have read on the front page… WE ARE FULL FOR 2010! We are absolutely thrilled to have everyone who has joined us this year and we are looking forward to a bountiful season! Thank you  for your support of Community Supported Agriculture.

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