7/1 Your Share This Week

By admin|June 29, 2010|Information

Your box this week will hopefully contain the following:

Lettuce – “Jung’s Sweet Repeat Leaf Lettuce Mix” (Black-Seeded Simpson, Prizehead, Red Salad Bowl, Salad Bowl, Green Oakleaf, Red Oakleaf)

Lettuce – “All Lettuce Mix” (Waldmann’s, Red Sails, Dark Lolla Rossa, Emerald Oak, Outrageous, Baracole, Black Seeded Simpson, Red Oak Leaf)

Oriental Greens – “Oriental Salad Mix” (Michihli Chinese Cabbage, Giant Red Mustard, Komatsuna Mustard Spinach, Mizuna Kyona Mustard, Pak Choy, and Tatsoi)

Radish – “German Giant”

Radish – “French Breakfast”

Green Onions – “Evergreen Bunching”

Bok Choi – “Joi Choi”

Swiss Chard – “Bright Lights” – Not just another “Green”

Collards – “Champion”

Kohlrabi – “Early White Vienna”

Snap Peas – “Oregon Sugar Pod II”

Beet Greens/Baby Beets – “Detroit Supreme”

Summer Squash Combo Platter: A mixture of zucchini, summer squash, and pattypan squash depending on what is available for harvest on 7/1.

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