How we are adapting our business due to Covid-19

By admin|March 30, 2020|Information

With the uncertainty around social distancing requirements and how long they will be in place, we are taking steps to make sure our products will be available to our customers. Over the course of the next week, I will be updating our online store. You will be able to place orders for Certified Organic vegetable and herb starts directly from our website. Individual orders will then be compiled by me for drive by pick up here at our farm. We will be setting two windows for pick up depending on the type of plants you order. Cool season veggies and herbs will be available for pick up May 7-10. Frost sensitive veggies and herbs will be available May 21-25. If you place an order after May 10 for cooler season veggies and we still have those plants in stock, you will be able to pick up your plants during the second pick up window.

As time allows over the next two weeks, I will be adding our annual bedding plants and hanging baskets to our website as well. Pick up for annual bedding plants and hanging baskets will be May 1-4, May 15-16, May 29-31, and June 5-7.

This is our plan going forward, but please keep in mind that things may change and we will have to adapt to keep our family and our community safe. If things do change, please make sure you provide a current email address with your order so that I can get in contact with you.

We are hoping to be able to open the greenhouse to the general public in May and June, but because of the uncertainty we wanted to make sure that we have a way of selling our products if we cannot open as usual.

If you have questions, please email Thank you!

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