Recipes 10/2 & 10/3

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Beet Green Gratin

1 Tbls butter

12 oz sliced mushrooms

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 lb beet greens, cleaned and picked

Kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper

4 egg yolks, beaten

1 C ricotta

1/2 C grated Parmesan

1/2 tsp salt

3/4 C crumbled crackers (recommended: Ritz crackers)

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.

Melt the butter in a saucepan. Add the mushrooms and garlic and sweat. Add the beet greens and mix well. Remove pan from heat. Season with salt and pepper.

In a separate bowl, combine the egg yolks, ricotta, Parmesan cheese, and salt. Combine everything and put into a lightly oiled 9 by 11-inch baking dish. Top with the crumbled crackers and bake for 30 minutes covered. Uncover and bake for an additional 15 minutes. (From

Stir Fried Pac Choy & Red Pepper

1 Tbls vegetable oil

1 Tbls dark sesame oil

1 medium onion, sliced

2 garlic cloves, minced

2 bunches pac choy, sliced

1 red pepper, deseeded and sliced into ¼-inch slices 

2-3 Tbls soy sauce

½ cup water

Add vegetable oil and sesame oil to a wok over medium-high heat.  Once the oil begins to shimmer, add the red pepper, onions, and garlic, stirring constantly.
When the onions are translucent and turning golden, add the pac choy and red pepper. Continue to stir-fry for 1 minute, then add the soy sauce. Cook for another 2-3 minutes or until the greens have turned dark green.

Add the water.  Cook for another 1-2 minutes or until most of the water has evaporated. Serve immediately. (

Kale & Tomato Crustless Quiche

8 large eggs

1/3 C heavy cream

1/4 C Parmesan cheese, grated

1 1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp black pepper

5 leaves of kale

1/2 C fresh basil, loosely packed

5 medium-sized tomatoes, various colors

1/8 tsp ground black pepper

Preheat oven to 350ºF.

In a large bowl, whisk together the eggs, heavy cream, cheese, salt, baking soda, and black pepper.

Wash and remove stems from the kale. Finely chop kale and mix in with the eggs.

Wash and finely chop the basil and add basil to the egg mixture, than pour into a 9-inch cast iron skillet.

Cut into tomatoes into 1/4 rounds.

Layer the tomato slices over the top of the egg mixture, slightly overlapping them.

Season tomatoes with salt and pepper.

Bake in the oven for 40 minutes, or until the center of the quiche is set.

Optional: Heat the quiche on broil for 5 minutes to brown the top. (From

Crunchy Pac Choy Slaw

1/4 C rice vinegar

1 Tbls toasted sesame oil

2 tsp sugar

2 tsp Dijon mustard

1/4 tsp salt

6 C bok choy, very thinly sliced

2 medium carrots, peeled and shredded

2 scallions, thinly sliced

Whisk vinegar, oil, sugar, mustard and salt in a large bowl until the sugar dissolves. Add bok choy, carrots and scallions.

Toss to coat with the dressing. (From

Raw Kale Salad w/ Sweet Red Peppers & Kalamata Olives

1 lb kale, center ribs and stems removed, very thinly sliced crosswise

2 Tbls extra virgin olive oil

3 Tbls fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 tsp sea salt

1 C slivered almonds

½ C kalamata olives, sliced

2 medium sweet red peppers, thinly sliced

1 tsp freshly ground black pepper

Place kale in large bowl, pour olive oil, lemon juice and salt over top.  Gently massage mixture into kale about 2 to 3 minutes by hand, or until kale starts to wilt.  Let rest 20-30 minutes at room temperature, tossing occasionally.  Add the remaining ingredients, mix together and serve. (From

Tomato & Green Pepper Omelet

1/3 C chopped green pepper

2 Tbls chopped onion

2 tsp Olive Oil

1 Tbls butter

3 eggs

3 Tbls water

1/8 tsp salt

1/8 tsp pepper

1/3 C chopped tomato

In a small nonstick skillet, saute green pepper and onion in oil until tender. Remove from skillet and set aside. In the same skillet, melt butter over medium-high heat.

Whisk the eggs, water, salt and pepper. Add egg mixture to skillet (mixture should set immediately at edges).

As eggs set, push cooked edges toward the center, letting uncooked portion flow underneath. When the eggs are set, spoon green pepper mixture and tomato on one side; fold other side over filling. Slide omelet onto a plate. (From

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