This Week on the Farm 12/29

By admin|December 29, 2011|Information

2011 is almost over and we can’t believe how quickly our second year of farming went. A lot happened on the farm this year including expansion to a new field, hiring official employees, adding a pick-up site and a delivery day, and most importantly, we got married! All in all it was a very good year.

2012 is looking pretty good right now as well. We are adding two new pick-up sites-one at Monty’s Blue Plate Diner in Madison and one at Harmony Cafe in Green Bay. We are going to purchase a walk-in cooler to allow us to harvest more veggies and to help decrease waste. We are also building a new potting shed in the basement of one of the barns. These are just the big changes/projects we have planned- there are a lot of other smaller adjustments we are planning on making to increase productivity and make our lives a little easier.

Yesterday we started cleaning out an area of the basement of the west barn where we are planning on building a new potting shed. First we had to remove very old animal waste from the floor and knock down swallow’s nests from the ceiling. Then we took out several gates and poles that were in the way. Tyler used the saws-all  to cut old bolts so we could break the gates into movable pieces. That took all morning to do. After lunch, Tyler also removed the old electrical box and wiring since we will have to put in new wiring. It looks completely different and we haven’t started any of the construction yet. Check out the photos below to see how it looked before we started clearing it out.

Next week Tyler will be done working in town and we will be able to start construction. The build has to be done by the first part of February when we start to seed onions. I am really looking forward to seeding in an area where I don’t feel like I have to duck constantly.

Check back on the 1st for the sign-up sheet for next season! Hurray for vegetables!

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