This Week on the Farm 1/24

By admin|January 24, 2012|Information

Well it has taken us longer to update the website than we generally like it to, but that’s what happens when the flu hits. Tyler and I both caught the flu and, after what feels like forever, we are finally getting back to work.

Almost all of our seed has arrived. We are waiting for four or five backordered varieties to come in the mail and there are a couple of things that won’t come until spring, but we now have most of our seeds in the house. Yesterday we finished putting the seeding schedule together for both the stuff that gets seeded in the greenhouse and things that are direct seeded outside. I think we have learned from past mistakes and now have a very detailed seeding calendar. It is easy to say in January that you are going to plant so many seeds of this crop this week and so many the next week, but come June if you haven’t made a note of the seed numbers it takes away valuable time trying to remember what you were going to do.

All of the exterior paneling is up on the potting shed and the interior pass through door is hung. Tyler is working on the electrical this week. We won’t be able to get the main box put in until later this spring, but he is getting all of the interior wiring in place before we put up the insulation and the interior paneling. I think it is looking really great. The studs are square and the walls are more level than any other area of the barn. The windows on the south wall look fantastic and let in a lot of natural light.

We are waiting for a couple of “warmer” days to do some more concrete work on the east wall. After removing the old window and door frames there are a couple of areas that need some attention before we can put the new frames in place. Sadly we are back to typical January weather and semi warm days are hard to come by.

As some of you may know we are members of FRESH Food Connection. It is a co-op of farmers and supporting members who are trying to promote the idea of sustainable farming through education and interaction with the public. Two of our fellow member farms have put together a really interesting podcast explaining what FRESH is and a little about what organic really means. Check out this link to listen to the podcast.

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