This Week on the Farm 2/1

By admin|February 1, 2012|Information

Well the push is on to get the potting shed completed. We have made a lot of progress this last week and now we are trying to finish up by the end of the week. Almost all of the electrical work is complete. We finished running the wires through the conduit early this week. We decided to run the wires through conduit since we didn’t want any critters chewing on the wires, after all it is in a barn. Tyler taught me how to wire the outlets and I got those installed yesterday morning. The photo below is of my first installation of a double outlet! Tyler is working on installing a flood light on the exterior of the barn this afternoon. Once that light is installed all of the electrical will be done until we have the local electrician come and hook up a new box later this spring.

The room is now totally enclosed. We put the exterior door in and the east window in place. The room is already a lot warmer now that there aren’t any drafts. It is pretty tricky putting doors and windows in openings that are not square or level, but Tyler managed and they look really nice.

I plugged all of the holes with spray insulation yesterday and once it had time to set up we finished insulating the walls with fiberglass insulation. The next job is putting the insulation up on the ceiling. There were a couple of places where the rafters didn’t bridge the gaps so we had to scab on new boards to have something to attach the insulation and the paneling to once we put it up. There are a lot of putzy jobs that have to be done before we can get the insulation up and is a little frustrating. You finish one job and find out you have two more things to do before you can start on the next step.

In other news, the butternut squash seed came in the mail today and we are now down to four backordered crops that we are still waiting on. Less than two weeks are left before we start seeding onions for 2012. Right now it looks like that will be our Valentine’s Day activity.

Thanks to everyone who signed up in January! Early sign-up allows us to do the things we need to do in order to get the season off and rolling.

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