This Week on the Farm 2/1

By admin|February 1, 2013|Information

Well not much has been happening on the farm the last two weeks. Tyler and I took a much needed vacation to Florida to visit his parents and my sister’s family who were also on vacation. We haven’t been away from the farm since we started farming in 2010, so it was time for an adventure. Much of the time was spent on the beach, sleeping, reading, taking “artistic” photos, and/or discovering excellent places to eat. We are happy to be home safely though. We drove through a torrential downpour while on the Atlanta bypass and  avoided a tornado in northern Georgia, so being tucked in safely on the farm seems very nice.

The highlights of our trip included seeing Snooty the manatee, who will be 65 in July, and going on a kayak trip through a mangrove swamp on Sanibel Island. Also, being in 70 degree weather while Wisconsin’s temps hovered around 0 was pretty nice.

Only a few more of our seeds are still en-route to the farm. We found out that the Ancho Poblano seed that we ordered is now out of stock due to a crop failure. We are going to try to find another seed source, and to use up the seed credit from the company we ordered two other varieties of peppers to try. Both are in the mild to medium category. We have found that very few people are thrilled about receiving tons and tons of hot peppers in their boxes, so we have limited the number of hot peppers we ordered this year to a reasonable number.

We have confirmed that we will be having a pick-up site at Harmony Cafe in Green Bay again this year. If you know of anyone in that area who is interested in signing up, please let them know.

Now that our vacation is behind us, we should be updating the website weekly. As the days grow longer, we have more on farm activities to talk about and we want to make sure you are up to date on every thing that is going on. Check back next week for more news!!

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