This Week On the Farm 4-15

By admin|April 15, 2010|Information

Okay, Okay, so we missed a week on the website, well, we’ve been busy and haven’t had a rainy day to work on other things. There are always lots of things to do around this time, from field-work, to seeding plugs, to planting transplants of perennials, sometimes the computer work gets pushed off.

Well, we had our first member-visitors to the farm this past weekend! Emma and Colleen came up and we planted raspberries and rhubarb, we cut up the seed potatoes… and Kate even got them to pull a little garlic mustard! It was a good time, we enjoyed having them come out and help. We invite anyone of our members to come out and see what we’re doing and how well things are growing.

The field is ready to go, we have most of our perennials in the ground, and our potato sets are in as well.  As for seeding, new crops in the greenhouse include: peppers, eggplant, leeks, green onions, rosemary, tomatillos, and a few more flowers. 

We are also in the process of putting up a hoop house because our greenhouse is getting a little full! Luckily one of our neighbors, who is also in the veggie business, had an old house that they no longer needed. With a little bit of refurbishing, we think it will work out well for us.

We still have space available for this season, so sign up for some wonderful produce if you haven’t already!

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