This Week on the Farm 4/6

By admin|April 7, 2011|Information

I can’t believe a week has gone by already. Winter seemed to go by so slowly and now I turn around and a week has gone by. This week was special because a cousin of Kay’s and her husband have been down to visit. It is always nice to see them and they help out a lot on the farm.

Don and Irv finished transferring the pressure washer onto a rolling cart early this afternoon. Now that it is mobile, we can move it around the farm to project sites. We were finally able to pressure wash the bench tops for the hoophouse extension and get them installed. Tyler bleached them with the spray pump and we are waiting for them to dry.

Once the benches are dry we can move all of the onions, scallions, and leeks out of the heated hoophouse and into the new section. Then we can move all of the tomatoes and jalapenos that were planted last week into the heated hoophouse. Hopefully this will make enough room for everything that we are planting this week. So far today I planted San Marzano tomatoes, habenero peppers, ancho poblano peppers, two types of bell peppers, and two types of kohlrabi. That equals more than twenty trays. I am no where near done for the week, but I still think I am a seeding machine.

All of the plants we have seeded so far are looking awesome. The tomatoes are taking off and have really large true leaves. It looks like a tiny prehistoric forest in the greenhouse especially right after we have finished watering and the humidity is high.

This Thursday and Friday we are getting all of our materials ready for our high tunnel installation that is happening this Saturday. The high tunnel is going to be 12 ft x 150 ft and will be used to grow our lettuce for our contract with a restaurant in Madison. I will keep you posted on how the installation goes, it should be quite the event!

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