Your First Box

By admin|June 18, 2013|Information

Here is some information that you will need to get the most out of your experience and to help us out each week.

Your Veggies: Unlike food in the grocery store, your produce is picked at its peak. This means that it needs to be stored properly and shouldn’t be left in your blue tote overnight before you get a chance to unload it. On the back of the newsletter we will give tips on how to store your produce. Although much of your produce has been triple washed and picked over for the random grass leaf, it is still a good idea to wash your produce before you prepare it and to pick out any weeds that may have gotten through our inspection line.

Your Blue Tote: We pack your veggies each week in a blue tote. We are using these totes because they produce less waste than using boxes or a lot of plastic bags to pack your veggies each week. Each “share” has two blue totes that are rotated each week. When you bring your tote back next week we will wash and disinfect the tote and pack the following weeks veggies in it. If you forget to bring your tote back each week, it will make it a lot harder for us to get everyone’s veggies packed. So please remember to bring it with you when you pick up next week’s share! We really appreciate it!!

Plastic bags, rubber bands, quart/pint/half pint containers: We try to limit the number of containers we use to pack your veggies, but sometimes we have to use plastic. We cannot take the these items back due to food safety concerns, so feel free to use them as doggy bags, craft projects, or just recycle them.

Events, Volunteer Sessions: You should have received a calendar of events for this season. We will keep you updated throughout the season. We always love when our members stop by the farm.

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